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I like CSS-animations, clocks and dials for making metrics easier to digest (we are quicker at detecting angular changes than reading and parsing digits). So I'm in awe with this creative use of a watch-dial to visualize a 32-bit hexadecimal number:

#PrivateBin v1.6.0 released - adding translations for Japanese & Arabic, configuration option to disable email button and increases the minimal required PHP version to 7.3.

The letters below were discovered in September 1993 in a reverse time-capsule apparently sent from 2023.

The first of those emails dates from this morning. Note the author of the RFC and the publication date. :-)

RFC 1607


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Some time ago I wanted to learn Rust coding and gave up after a while. I am thinking of doing it again and not only use Python & JavaScript, what do you think about? 🤔🦀

#learncoding #100daysofcode #rust #rustlang #python #code #100days #learning #javascript

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I like #Rustlang well enough, but I'm not sure how feasible it is to learn if you haven't learned C, C++, or assembly language. To understand the borrow checker, and the various smart pointers you need to work around it, you probably need to understand pointers—which are apparently the hardest part of C for a lot of people.

When was that? If you tried prior to 1.63 (August 2022 for stable), Non-Lexical Lifetimes weren't enabled by default which is a *HUGE* benefit. Also, Rust Analyzer is a good step up from RLS as well.

The learning curve is a completely different one by now.

Schade das zu erfahren und vielen Dank an Herrn Dornier für die jahrzehnte-lange gute Betreuung und die ausgezeichneten Produkte!

Habe beruflich und privat seit Ende der 2000er Jahre immer wieder auf PC Engines für m0n0wall- und später OPNsense-basierte Router gesetzt. Diese Nachricht wurde über eine apu4d4 ins Internet geschickt und von einem Server hinter einer apu2e4 gehostet.


prompt injection, which is a form of cyberattack that exploits [an AI's] natural language processing abilities.

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Winterkongress der Digitalen Gesellschaft

Während zwei Tagen werden Themen rund um Informationstechnologie, Digitalisierung und deren Auswirkungen auf unsere Gesellschaft in verschiedenen Vorträgen und Workshops behandelt.

#Digitale_Gesellschaft #Winterkongress #Zürich #Linux

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PrivateBin 1.5.1 released - Filesystem purge lookup change & administration script

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2022 update to this quantum computing progress chart:

tl;dr Commendable progress, but we're still a long long way from factoring.
A chart plotting number of qubits against error rate, showing current quantum computers and the required capabilities of quantum computers to break RSA or solve chemistry problems. Today's quantum computers are in a tiny blob in the corner, with few qubits and high error rates. It just touches a large blue region representing where surface codes will work. Far to the right of the chart are steep lines representing the resources necessary to break RSA. The chart visually emphasizes the conclusion of the blog post, which is that there is a big gulf between today's quantum computers and what is necessary to break RSA.

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At 63 #curl bindings, updated and corrected.

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what’s a good use-case for PyCurl, etc? I use curl on the command like daily, but not sure what I would do with it in a program. I’m sure that I’m missing something.
@benhayes if you write a program that needs Internet transfers for example...
i think most people would just use requests module. maybe i'll try pycurl in future.
@benhayes everyone should use the tool they deem necessary to solve their problem
While python 3 now has decent native support for HTTP(S) with it's urllib module (which does cover 99+% of my use cases), PyCurl supports "FTP, FTPS, HTTP, HTTPS, SCP, SFTP, TFTP, TELNET, DICT, LDAP, LDAPS, FILE, IMAP, SMTP, POP3 and RTSP. libcurl supports SSL certificates, HTTP POST, HTTP PUT, FTP uploading, HTTP form based upload, proxies, cookies, user+password authentication (Basic, Digest, NTLM, Negotiate, Kerberos4), file transfer resume, http proxy tunneling and more!" --

So it can solves those edge cases. It may also be useful if you hit performance or memory usage issues in your python based search spider or similar massively parallel connection applications.
@0xDEADBEEF I am not aware of any binding for cobol!

PrivateBin 1.5.0 released - Adding S3 Storage backend, storage migration script & 4 new translations

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Wenn ihr mal „sprechende“ RGB-Codes braucht:

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PrivateBin 1.4.0 released - Hardening the attachment preview, Google Cloud Storage and Oracle database support & adding new translations

My team at LzLabs GmbH in Wallisellen, Switzerland, is looking for a 4th DevOps Engineer. You'd be working primarily with a CloudBees (Jenkins) cluster of around 90 blades for build & testing, for several software stacks that targets RHEL, but hopefully soon™ also other platforms. And of course there are also a lot of build and deployment related projects to be spice things up on the side, like maintaining and developing a test statistics database, code coverage reporting, change log and other automation projects, all in a mostly ansible-ized environment. The companies main language is English, living in or moving to the vicinity of Zürich would certainly be advantageous.

#followerpower #Stellenangebote #jobs #jeRecrute

Next week a new hire starts in our team. To help them find their way in our environment, we created this map. Let's hope it wont scare them away. :-D

Yeah, das Friendica Update war wieder einmal ein voller Erfolg! Ich freue mich immer darauf nach dem Update die Netzwerkstatistiken zu durchstöbern und zu sehen wie das Fediverse wächst und gedeiht. Aktuell sehe ich da bei mir:
Momentan kennt dieser Knoten 2065 Knoten mit insgesamt 1238363700 registrierten Nutzern, die die folgenden Plattformen verwenden:
- Friendica (234/14306)
- BirdsiteLIVE (3/9295)
- Diaspora (104/745029)
- [...]
- Lemmy (4/15876)
- Mastodon (1195/2801105)
- Misskey (33/1234575069)
Hm, die Misskey stats bedürfen wohl noch etwas der Interpretation... 🤔

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Les testeurs: 😂

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inspiré par Interstellar pour le dernier paragraphe.
the case in which the near-light speed travel has been done by the question maker is still missing. She could potentially be even older than 43.

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!Retrocomputing Forum An article on a large, mid-90s BBS setup and a second article containing some more background of what it got used for (includes a higher-resolution image):

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a computer can never be held accountable

therefore a computer must never make a management decision

(IBM, 1979 slide)
a computer can never be held accountable. therefore a computer must never make a management decision

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Oh, wow: Nachdem ich von den beiden Druckwellen des Vulkanausbruches in der Nähe von Tonga hörte, habe ich in den Messungen von meiner kleinen Wetterstation nachgeguckt und die sind dort klar zu erkennen!

Als ich 1997 meine erste Reise in die USA machte, hatte ich einen Psion Siena dabei und darauf Tagebuch geführt. Leider konnte ich mir damals das Datenkabel nicht leisten und es irgendwann verpasst die leeren Batterien zu tauschen und die Dokumente gingen so verloren.

Vor einigen Wochen habe ich mir aus Neugier dessen grossen Bruder angeschafft, den Psion Series 3a. Und diesmal auch ein serielles Kabel dazu, damit ich Programme hoch- und Daten davon runter laden kann. Hab mal ein paar Notizen dazu gemacht:

Field report on upgrading a rocket v0.4 application to v0.5

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Mit Clive Sinclair ist einer der IT-Pioniere Europas gestorben. Der Brite war viel mehr als nur der Unternehmer, der mit den preiswerten ZX-Heimrechnern die Mikrocomputer-Revolution vorantrieb. Ein Nachruf von Martin Wolf (Wissenschaft, Technologie)

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My employer is looking for a Junior and a Senior Web Developer in Wallisellen, Switzerland. Please feel free to share and/or message me privately or publicly, if you want to know more about the company.

#hiring #jobs #JeRecrute (pas moi)

Not entirely serious question: Why does the Gnome Terminal icon represent an IBM PC DOS prompt instead of UNIX shell prompt? Is that what folks think of first, when they think of a command prompt?

Bild/Foto looks more like

Bild/Foto as opposed to

Good morning, currently reading a book called:

10 PRINT CHR$(205.5+RND(1)); : GOTO 10

The book's title and subject is the one liner that produces a maze on the Commodore 64 BASIC V2. In one of the chapters the books authors consider ports to other 8 bit systems, as well as modern scripting languages, using unicode characters. Here is their port to perl:

perl -e 'binmode STDOUT,"utf8";{print chr(9585.5+rand);redo}'

Got me inspired, here are my attempts for python (the second one cheats a bit, as it uses POSIX shell to format the script):

python3 -c 'import random;exec("while True:\n\tprint(chr(int(9585.5+random.random())),end=\"\");")'
printf "import random\nwhile True:\n\tprint(chr(int(9585.5+random.random())),end='')" | python3 -

and php (still no native unicode support, so have to build the 3 bytes for the utf-8 symbol one by one):

php -r 'while(1){echo chr(226),chr(149),chr(177.5+rand(0,1));}'

bash -c 'while true;do printf %b "\U$(printf %08x $((9585 + $RANDOM % 2)))";done'

Shell parsing is hard.

Yes, shell parsing is non-obvious - it does help enormously to understand that the shell takes what you type on the command line after you hit enter, parses it, replacing variables, expanding globs (wildcards) and other language constructs in the process and only then issues a system call, passing the resulting argv structure to the kernel for execution.

Exhibit A (source of the above quote): How the local shell ssh and the remote shell interact, in unexpected ways

Exhibit B: skarnet's introduction to the execline language design and grammar goes into further details of the argv structure

Exhibit C: How to use execlineb for nginx to wait for up to 10s on the startup of php-fpm, avoiding involvment of a shell process

PrivateBin 1.3.5 released - Fixing several smaller issues, adding new translations

Some context: Got this picture presented this morning in my social media timeline after experiencing my first internet outage at home in over 5 years (aka since I moved into my current flat). Perfect picture for this moment. :-D

Didn't remember how awkward it is to get disconnected from the net. Now having to use my backup SIM card in the notebook for internet over GPRS/WWAN - to rant on social media about not having internet. ;-) #firstworldproblems

Many folks don't know that the Unicode standard is actually much older then they think. Here's the spec as of 1889 ;-)

Hach, das war damals das erste Meme dem ich im Web über den Weg gelaufen bin. Schön, dass daran arbeitet Flash-Animationen auch für künftige Generationen zu erhalten! #MakeTheWebWeirdAgain

Started looking into gemini space. Love how it feels - it's like the web ca. mid-90s. UI is back under your control and you can focus on reading the content instead of getting the site to work (because either you have issues with noscript turned on and sites requiring JS to display text or you have it disabled and have to click through modal windows informing you of cookie settings, sign up for that newsletter, etc. to get to the content).

I'm using Castor and wanted to merry it to my Gnome desktop, so clicking links in Firefox/Chromium opens them in Castor. Oh, and I got a gopher client for free with it as well. Was bummed when Firefox dropped gopher support. Here's how to register the gemini protocol in Gnome (and build castor):

While grep and sed are commoly used, awk fills a valuable niche when processing structured text, avoiding multiple pipes or more complicated regex extractions. Here is a handy flowchart to pick the ideal tool for your text processing task:


A plaintext chart and a simple example making use of several awk features can be found here:

Small tools to use as (non-sharable) sketchpads - if you need a quick spreadsheet calculation or text editor and are to lazy to open a terminal. Good example of #minimalism and very #privacy minded.

Maybe a concept we could evaluate for use in our fediverse software as well:

This forms a relative reputation system. As uncomfortable as it may be, one man’s terrorist is another man’s freedom fighter, and different jurisdictions have different laws - and it’s not up to the Foundation to play God and adjudicate. Each user/moderator/admin should be free to make up their own mind and decide which reputation feeds to align themselves with.

@Retrocomputing Forum

Liebe Freunde des gepflegten Alteisens! Kommendes Wochenende ist Vintage Computing Festival Berlin 2020, und ihr könnt das alle besuchen, ohne auch nur einen einzigen Fuß vor die Tür zu tun. Ich bin dieses Jahr leider nur passiv dabei. Schade finde ich insbesondere, dass dieses Jahr die Fotografiererei auf der Strecke bleiben wird: # # # #