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Congratulations to Sergio Benitez on releasing 0.5.0! Thank you for this great framework. 👏

I got to follow rocket's journey to async and stable #rust with the PrivateBin directory service. Coming from Python flask apps, it is really easy to pick up and get going with your webservice, offering static & templated content, easy to create web forms and JSON APIs.

Thanks to rust's strict type system I could focus on the logic and didn't have to waste time double checking and casting data received by clients. If my API accepts an integer in a certain parameter, Rocket will ensure I only receive valid requests in my logic.

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#PrivateBin v1.6.0 released - adding translations for Japanese & Arabic, configuration option to disable email button and increases the minimal required PHP version to 7.3.

PrivateBin 1.5.1 released - Filesystem purge lookup change & administration script

PrivateBin 1.5.0 released - Adding S3 Storage backend, storage migration script & 4 new translations

PrivateBin 1.4.0 released - Hardening the attachment preview, Google Cloud Storage and Oracle database support & adding new translations

Field report on upgrading a rocket v0.4 application to v0.5

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Not entirely serious question: Why does the Gnome Terminal icon represent an IBM PC DOS prompt instead of UNIX shell prompt? Is that what folks think of first, when they think of a command prompt?

Bild/Foto looks more like

Bild/Foto as opposed to

Shell parsing is hard.

Yes, shell parsing is non-obvious - it does help enormously to understand that the shell takes what you type on the command line after you hit enter, parses it, replacing variables, expanding globs (wildcards) and other language constructs in the process and only then issues a system call, passing the resulting argv structure to the kernel for execution.

Exhibit A (source of the above quote): How the local shell ssh and the remote shell interact, in unexpected ways

Exhibit B: skarnet's introduction to the execline language design and grammar goes into further details of the argv structure

Exhibit C: How to use execlineb for nginx to wait for up to 10s on the startup of php-fpm, avoiding involvment of a shell process

PrivateBin 1.3.5 released - Fixing several smaller issues, adding new translations

Started looking into gemini space. Love how it feels - it's like the web ca. mid-90s. UI is back under your control and you can focus on reading the content instead of getting the site to work (because either you have issues with noscript turned on and sites requiring JS to display text or you have it disabled and have to click through modal windows informing you of cookie settings, sign up for that newsletter, etc. to get to the content).

I'm using Castor and wanted to merry it to my Gnome desktop, so clicking links in Firefox/Chromium opens them in Castor. Oh, and I got a gopher client for free with it as well. Was bummed when Firefox dropped gopher support. Here's how to register the gemini protocol in Gnome (and build castor):

While grep and sed are commoly used, awk fills a valuable niche when processing structured text, avoiding multiple pipes or more complicated regex extractions. Here is a handy flowchart to pick the ideal tool for your text processing task:


A plaintext chart and a simple example making use of several awk features can be found here:

Small tools to use as (non-sharable) sketchpads - if you need a quick spreadsheet calculation or text editor and are to lazy to open a terminal. Good example of #minimalism and very #privacy minded.

Maybe a concept we could evaluate for use in our fediverse software as well:

This forms a relative reputation system. As uncomfortable as it may be, one man’s terrorist is another man’s freedom fighter, and different jurisdictions have different laws - and it’s not up to the Foundation to play God and adjudicate. Each user/moderator/admin should be free to make up their own mind and decide which reputation feeds to align themselves with.

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Falls Du einen hast und das Display noch funktioniert - Quietscht Deiner auch so, beim Aufklappen? Bei meinem habe ich deswegen versucht das Scharnier etwas zu ölen, aber es ist immer noch recht laut. Auch habe ich den Bolzen wie im PoFo-Wiki beschrieben bearbeitet, um hoffentlich die Lebensdauer des Bildschirmkabels etwas zu verlÀngern.

FĂŒr mein erstes Projekt in Rust suche ich noch eine geeignete freie Lizenz. Da es sich um einen Dienst handelt, welcher hauptsĂ€chlich als Webseite genutzt wird, hatte ich an die AGPL gedacht. Mir fiel aber auf, das die meisten darin verwendeten Bibliotheken MIT und Apache lizenziert sind, was ich eher von Software kenne, die auch kommerziell genutzt werden soll. FĂŒr Empfehlungen die fĂŒr oder gegen eine der genannten Lizenzen sprechen bin ich dankbar. #FollowerPower

Oh, cool: Wenn man die Nachricht vom Enigma Coin aus dem Open Enigma for dummies Handbuch entschlĂŒsselt, stösst man auf ein Geocache-RĂ€tsel in der Schweiz. Ich bin dann mal BeschĂ€ftigt.

Der wahrscheinlich kleinste SMS gateway der Welt: VoCore2 + OpenWRT + smstools + USB-GSM-Modem

How to move in the CLI / readline shortcuts. Perfect flashcard format, courtesy of Clément Chastagnol at

Weil es mal echt an der Zeit ist:
Danke an Euch alle, die Ihr das Netz mit Euren Instanzen verschiedenster freier Software auch und gerade in dieser Zeit so nĂŒtzlich macht.
Danke fĂŒr alle Helfer und Maintainer des freien Internets. Danke #Fediverse
#floss #bleibtwachsam #decentralisation

PrivateBin v1.3.4 released - Fixing HTML entities, custom expiration, pasting into password field

Neue Services:
- - Infos zur eigenen Verbindung mit dem Webserver auf (IP, VerschlĂŒsselung, etc.)
- - video meetings, etherpad, screensharing
Hinweise und VerbesserungsvorschlÀge sind herzlich willkommen!
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Nachtrag: Jitsi Wasserzeichen entfernt. Das Etherpad kann man auch direkt nutzen ohne meeting unter

PrivateBin v1.3.3 & v1.2.3 - Fixing HTML entity double encoding issues introduced in 1.3.2 & 1.2.2

Huh! Unser Nuudel wird im Fahrgast-TV (Berliner Fenster) gefeaturet. Auch in anderen StÀdten?

PrivateBin 1.3.2 & 1.2.2 released - Fix for persistent XSS vulnerability in filenames of attached files
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PrivateBin 1.3 released - Fixing mangled URLs, switching encryption & compression libraries
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Sehr schön: PHP 7.3 ist endlich wieder so schnell wie 7.0. Habe ich bemerkt als ich 7.3 zur unit test suite von PrivateBin in TravisCI hinzugefĂŒgt habe - Somit habe ich nun auch das unit test docker image auf 7.3 ge-upgraded

PrivateBin 1.2.1 released

PrivateBin 1.2 released - QR codes, inline media display, 6 new languages & JS refactoring

KVM upgrade / Debian Stretch upgrade

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PrivateBin 1.1.1 released - fixing a data leak vulnerability

PrivateBin 1.1 released - added Italian and Russian translations and fixes for XSS and database issue

This release adds Italian and Russian translations to PrivateBin and fixes an XSS and a database issue.