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Es geht langsam voran, mit den Open Hardware die man 3D-drucken kann:

♲ Open Source

Vimeo: Helical Shelf System (Ed Rawle)

Helical Shelf System is a piece of furniture that can be reproduced anywhere in the world with a FDM 3D printer, easily sourcable materials and basic tools. The shelves are easily orientable and can move up and down. This is the first prototype of shelves using this principle, the lever currently does not work as intended. I intend to refine and develop the design. A Grasshopper parametric template file can be downloaded enabling anyone to modify and customize the furniture. Download Thanks to: RepRap / Open Source communityGiulio Piacentino's render animation GH script Music: On by Aphex Twin Designed and Prototyped by Ed RawleCast: Ed RawleTags: Kinetic, Furniture, Mechanical, Design, Sculpture, 3D printing, RepRap, Shelves, V-Ray, Grasshopper, 3D Printed, Open source, Helix, Adjustable and Parametric
Source: Vimeo