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Group picture from the first day.

Took a lot of notes, my highlights so far were:

  • Massimilianos' RP2040-based, Rust-driven robot racer
  • options to improve handling of bitfields in packed structs
  • typestate pattern for use in state machines, think objects that mutate into different types as the states progress, so only methods relevant to the current state are available and enforced at compile time, ex. rustls::ConfigBuilder
  • Milica shared her teams' experience switching from C++ to Rust
  • Simon Brummers' text-2-morse-code character device driver, an excellent example project to get started with Rust-based Linux-kernel-module development

Sinclair ZX81 back porch video signal fix, designed by Ziggurat Communications Ltd.:

Next week a new hire starts in our team. To help them find their way in our environment, we created this map. Let's hope it wont scare them away. :-D

Coole Graphik, in der von Euch verlinkten Quelle:

Oh, wow: Nachdem ich von den beiden Druckwellen des Vulkanausbruches in der Nähe von Tonga hörte, habe ich in den Messungen von meiner kleinen Wetterstation nachgeguckt und die sind dort klar zu erkennen!

Not entirely serious question: Why does the Gnome Terminal icon represent an IBM PC DOS prompt instead of UNIX shell prompt? Is that what folks think of first, when they think of a command prompt?

Bild/Foto looks more like

Bild/Foto as opposed to

Ah, "Rhythmisches Maschinenschreiben" von Karl Lang?

Dinge die Programmierer meinen über die Welt zu Wissen:

"Hausnummern sind immer ganze Zahlen!"
Ein Schild mit der Hausnummer "Savoyen Straße 2 1/2".
Fun (x) Programmieren (x)