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I'll start.

The RP2040 Stamp

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custom built adapter for #SC16IS750 #UART to connect to
#I2C bus (works).
picture of a custom prototype PCB

simple / dirty fm transmitters which you can etch directly from the book.

the book:

stack of non-etched pcb's and a book open on the page of a schematic for a simple FM transmitter. The pcb's can be etched by directly using the book's page as a mask.
@rra nice! and illegal where I live (if you actually start to use those, at least)
@Wintermute_BBS yes, for educational purposes only. However, these are also microfm designs and don't have an amplifier at the end stage so the range is < 10m. A bit like those things for in the car, but messier.
Sinclair ZX81 back porch video signal fix, designed by Ziggurat Communications Ltd.: