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#PSA #TIL When saving passwords in Chrome or Android, these aren't just stored locally, but may get automatically copied to the cloud. Check if it did so and disable it, if this isn't wanted.
I discovered it had stored over 150 accounts from a work related device more then 5 years ago, when I must have signed in with a google account, that I only created to be able to use an Android back then. Fortunately most accounts got their passwords changed since then, but I deleted them all nonetheless and will have to change passwords on some of them.

I do use a password manager integrated in Firefox (Passman), but store those in my nextcloud instance at home, where I can physically pull the plug if necessary. The fact that the Google browsers did this without my consent or even telling me that this was part of what the Google account did is really bad UX design, to say the least. Firefox was always very transparent about its synchronization feature and back in the day you could synch it with your own server instead of the Mozilla provided one. At least I can choose to use Firefox without signing in and with different, self-hosted synchronization solutions.