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Seriously, #OPenStreetMap is much better than #GMaps. Much more data, much more detailed, etc.

In #OpenStreetMap , users (including anonymous ones) often use notes to leave feedback about map features. I try to initiate conversation with note contributors, and there are many who would respond back. It's heartening to see note contributors starting to map features themselves, after a engaging them positively through notes.

I completed 67 #StreetComplete quests while I was out biking today. This feels like something geocache people would like; especially since it has a tangible benefit to others. #OpenStreetMap

"What you appear to be saying is that #OpenStreetMap doesn’t provide motorist-centric features like “real-time traffic maps”. As someone who thinks the world would be a whole bunch better if there were fewer cars, I’m good with that. "

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#StreetComplete is nice, but #OsmAnd is also a capable POI editor with the #OpenStreetMap plugin

It looks a lot like DJI is using #OpenStreetMap data without mentionning or properly attributing it.

Here is one proof: same geometry, same name...

#ODbL license do not allow such thing... please read

cc @DJIGlobals @DJISupport @DJIFrance @OSM_FR

I installed #StreetComplete today and it looks like a really cool and comfortable way to contribute to #OpenStreetMap! A lot of questions (“quests“) for my area that my wife and I can answer when we're strolling through our neighborhood anyway. :) #OSM

#OpenStreetMap is a user-created detailed map of the entire world:

Like Wikipedia anyone can use or edit it, and the content is free and open. There are no ads or trackers either.

For apps, we would recommend OsmAnd for Android/iOS:

(OsmAnd is also available on @fdroidorg )

There's an English-speaking OSM community at who run a mirror of the OSM twitter at @openstreetmap

#AlternativesAtoZ #Maps #Mapping #DeleteGoogle

BTW, #OpenStreetMap contributors (or those, who want to get one): There is a nice little site for fixing small issues in the #OSM data by @ent8r:


Update für StreetComplete bringt neue Aufgaben und Verbesserungen
Heute wurde die Version 9 der App StreetComplete veröffentlicht, mit der man jederzeit unterwegs einfache Aufgaben lösen kann, um die Karte bzw. Datenbank von OpenStreetMap zu vervollständigen bzw. zu verbessern.
Es gibt neue Aufgaben

#Android #Aufgaben #FOSS #OpenSource #OpenStreetMap #OSM #Release #Update

What's the best way to embed a #OpenStreetMap with a route, or preferably several routs, in it on a WordPress page? #OSM

@carlo Och ne eine Google Maps-Karte. Sowas sollte man bei #openstreetmaporg #OSM #OpenStreetMap eintragen. 😃

Amazon are starting to edit #OpenStreetMap