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Zwei Fundstücke: Eine rückblickend prophetische New Media Satire von vor 10 Jahren und aktuelle Beobachtungen aus der Techie-Szene, geschrieben im Stil eines von William Gibsons Cyberpunk-Romanen.

DATAcide | Douglas Haddow
The first thing I remember about the internet was the noise. That screeching howl of static blips signifying that you were, at last, online. I first heard it in the summer of ’93. We were huddled around my friend’s brand new Macintosh, palms sweaty, one of us on lookout for his mom, the others transfixed as our Webcrawler search bore fruit. An image came chugging down, inch by inch. You could hear the modem wince as it loaded, and like a hammer banging out raw pixels from the darkness beyond the screen, a grainy, low-res jpeg came into view. It was a woman and a horse.


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