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Sep 27
CodeFest 2021
Mon 3:00 PM - Sun 9:00 PM
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CodeFest è il Festival della cultura del codice sorgente, della sua storia, del suo futuro. Organizzato da e da UniTo
Oltre 30 eventi sul codice sorgente, online, completamente gratuiti.

Il Festival è aperto a tutti: al mondo della formazione e della ricerca (studenti, docenti, studiosi), a quello della programmazione (sviluppatori e imprenditori) e dell’arte (hackers, musicisti, dj, artisti visuali).

Ma soprattutto è rivolto al pubblico generale, ad appassionati e curiosi, a tutti quelli che hanno sentito parlare di codice sorgente ma non sanno bene cosa sia.
Registrazione e partecipazione tramite la piattaforma

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Mit Clive Sinclair ist einer der IT-Pioniere Europas gestorben. Der Brite war viel mehr als nur der Unternehmer, der mit den preiswerten ZX-Heimrechnern die Mikrocomputer-Revolution vorantrieb. Ein Nachruf von Martin Wolf (Wissenschaft, Technologie) IT-News für Profis

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Sep 3
Hackmeeting _0x18 3-5 Settembre 2021
Fri 1:00 PM - Sun 11:00 AM
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Dal 3 al 5 settembre si svolgerà l'incontro annuale l’incontro annuale delle controculture digitali italiane.

L’hackmeeting è l’incontro di quelle comunità che si pongono in maniera critica rispetto ai meccanismi di sviluppo delle tecnologie all’interno della nostra società. Ma non solo, molto di più. Lo sussuriamo nel tuo orecchio e soltanto nel tuo, non devi dirlo a nessuno: l’hackit è solo per veri hackers, ovvero per chi vuole gestirsi la vita come preferisce e sa s/battersi per farlo. Anche se non ha mai visto un computer in vita sua.

Tre giorni di seminari, giochi, dibattiti, scambi di idee e apprendimento collettivo, per analizzare assieme le tecnologie che utilizziamo quotidianamente, come cambiano e che stravolgimenti inducono sulle nostre vite reali e virtuali, quale ruolo possiamo rivestire nell’indirizzare questo cambiamento per liberarlo dal controllo di chi vuole monopolizzarne lo sviluppo, sgretolando i tessuti sociali e relegandoci in spazi virtuali sempre più stretti.

L’evento è totalmente autogestito: non ci sono organizzatori e fruitori, ma solo partecipanti.

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My employer is looking for a Junior and a Senior Web Developer in Wallisellen, Switzerland. Please feel free to share and/or message me privately or publicly, if you want to know more about the company.

#hiring #jobs #JeRecrute (pas moi)


Not entirely serious question: Why does the Gnome Terminal icon represent an IBM PC DOS prompt instead of UNIX shell prompt? Is that what folks think of first, when they think of a command prompt?

Image/Photo looks more like

Image/Photo as opposed to

Aug 22
Présentation de la Chose au camp les Rayonnantes
Sun 4:30 PM - 6:30 PM
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Retrouve la Chose tout au long de l'été de l'est à l'ouest dans différents lieux et dates.

Nous présenterons la Chose qui porte une critique de l’ordre électrique et de la transition énergétique. Ce sera l'occasion de raconter qui on est, d'où on vient et ce que l'on fait. Ça se passera au camp les Rayonnantes.


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@Michael Vogel Also kann das hier weg, oder musst Du noch was gucken?
Ich brauche es nicht mehr.
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Good morning, currently reading a book called:

10 PRINT CHR$(205.5+RND(1)); : GOTO 10

The book's title and subject is the one liner that produces a maze on the Commodore 64 BASIC V2. In one of the chapters the books authors consider ports to other 8 bit systems, as well as modern scripting languages, using unicode characters. Here is their port to perl:

perl -e 'binmode STDOUT,"utf8";{print chr(9585.5+rand);redo}'

Got me inspired, here are my attempts for python (the second one cheats a bit, as it uses POSIX shell to format the script):

python3 -c 'import random;exec("while True:\n\tprint(chr(int(9585.5+random.random())),end=\"\");")'
printf "import random\nwhile True:\n\tprint(chr(int(9585.5+random.random())),end='')" | python3 -

and php (still no native unicode support, so have to build the 3 bytes for the utf-8 symbol one by one):

php -r 'while(1){echo chr(226),chr(149),chr(177.5+rand(0,1));}'

bash -c 'while true;do printf %b "\U$(printf %08x $((9585 + $RANDOM % 2)))";done'


Shell parsing is hard.

Yes, shell parsing is non-obvious - it does help enormously to understand that the shell takes what you type on the command line after you hit enter, parses it, replacing variables, expanding globs (wildcards) and other language constructs in the process and only then issues a system call, passing the resulting argv structure to the kernel for execution.

Exhibit A (source of the above quote): How the local shell ssh and the remote shell interact, in unexpected ways

Exhibit B: skarnet's introduction to the execline language design and grammar goes into further details of the argv structure

Exhibit C: How to use execlineb for nginx to wait for up to 10s on the startup of php-fpm, avoiding involvment of a shell process



PrivateBin 1.3.5 released - Fixing several smaller issues, adding new translations

Some context: Got this picture presented this morning in my social media timeline after experiencing my first internet outage at home in over 5 years (aka since I moved into my current flat). Perfect picture for this moment. :-D

Didn't remember how awkward it is to get disconnected from the net. Now having to use my backup SIM card in the notebook for internet over GPRS/WWAN - to rant on social media about not having internet. ;-) #firstworldproblems


Many folks don't know that the Unicode standard is actually much older then they think. Here's the spec as of 1889 ;-)


Hach, das war damals das erste Meme dem ich im Web über den Weg gelaufen bin. Schön, dass daran arbeitet Flash-Animationen auch für künftige Generationen zu erhalten! #MakeTheWebWeirdAgain


Started looking into gemini space. Love how it feels - it's like the web ca. mid-90s. UI is back under your control and you can focus on reading the content instead of getting the site to work (because either you have issues with noscript turned on and sites requiring JS to display text or you have it disabled and have to click through modal windows informing you of cookie settings, sign up for that newsletter, etc. to get to the content).

I'm using Castor and wanted to merry it to my Gnome desktop, so clicking links in Firefox/Chromium opens them in Castor. Oh, and I got a gopher client for free with it as well. Was bummed when Firefox dropped gopher support. Here's how to register the gemini protocol in Gnome (and build castor):

Setting up castor as handler for gemini URLs on a Gnome desktop


While grep and sed are commoly used, awk fills a valuable niche when processing structured text, avoiding multiple pipes or more complicated regex extractions. Here is a handy flowchart to pick the ideal tool for your text processing task:


A plaintext chart and a simple example making use of several awk features can be found here:

Which UNIX tool to use for text processing?


Small tools to use as (non-sharable) sketchpads - if you need a quick spreadsheet calculation or text editor and are to lazy to open a terminal. Good example of #minimalism and very #privacy minded.


Maybe a concept we could evaluate for use in our fediverse software as well:
This forms a relative reputation system. As uncomfortable as it may be, one man’s terrorist is another man’s freedom fighter, and different jurisdictions have different laws - and it’s not up to the Foundation to play God and adjudicate. Each user/moderator/admin should be free to make up their own mind and decide which reputation feeds to align themselves with.


@Retrocomputing Forum

Liebe Freunde des gepflegten Alteisens! Kommendes Wochenende ist Vintage Computing Festival Berlin 2020, und ihr könnt das alle besuchen, ohne auch nur einen einzigen Fuß vor die Tür zu tun. Ich bin dieses Jahr leider nur passiv dabei. Schade finde ich insbesondere, dass dieses Jahr die Fotografiererei auf der Strecke bleiben wird: #vintagecomputing #retrocomputing #vcfberlin #vcfb


Everything you always wanted to know about punch card data encoding, but were afraid to ask:

@Retrocomputing Forum #RetroComputing


#RetroComputing @Retrocomputing Forum


@Retrocomputing Forum #retrocomputing
Falls Du einen hast und das Display noch funktioniert - Quietscht Deiner auch so, beim Aufklappen? Bei meinem habe ich deswegen versucht das Scharnier etwas zu ölen, aber es ist immer noch recht laut. Auch habe ich den Bolzen wie im PoFo-Wiki beschrieben bearbeitet, um hoffentlich die Lebensdauer des Bildschirmkabels etwas zu verlängern.


Das Gerät (32620) hinter dem Zahlensender


Having fun learning how to use flex box CSS rules by playing this tower defense game:


Tips for Sinclair ZX81 restoration projects.
Fun (x)


Für mein erstes Projekt in Rust suche ich noch eine geeignete freie Lizenz. Da es sich um einen Dienst handelt, welcher hauptsächlich als Webseite genutzt wird, hatte ich an die AGPL gedacht. Mir fiel aber auf, das die meisten darin verwendeten Bibliotheken MIT und Apache lizenziert sind, was ich eher von Software kenne, die auch kommerziell genutzt werden soll. Für Empfehlungen die für oder gegen eine der genannten Lizenzen sprechen bin ich dankbar. #FollowerPower


RT @Esquiring - Sufficiently advanced data recovery is indistinguishable from dark cybernetic ritual:
Fun (x)



Spass am weniger bekannten 8-Bit-Gerät - BASIC-Labyrinth auf den KC 85/4 portieren



Duff's device (ca. 1984)
register n = (count + 7) / 8; /* count > 0 assumed */

switch (count % 8)
case 0: do { *to = *from++;
case 7: *to = *from++;
case 6: *to = *from++;
case 5: *to = *from++;
case 4: *to = *from++;
case 3: *to = *from++;
case 2: *to = *from++;
case 1: *to = *from++;
} while (--n > 0);

Via jargon file, Kommentar von Tom Duff


Ironie de la plaça de George Orwell à Barcelone.


Oh, cool: Wenn man die Nachricht vom Enigma Coin aus dem Open Enigma for dummies Handbuch entschlüsselt, stösst man auf ein Geocache-Rätsel in der Schweiz. Ich bin dann mal Beschäftigt.


Der wahrscheinlich kleinste SMS gateway der Welt: VoCore2 + OpenWRT + smstools + USB-GSM-Modem



Verschiedene Raketen-Stufen und deren Tankinhalt im Flug visualisiert:
If Rockets were transparent
space (x)


How to move in the CLI / readline shortcuts. Perfect flashcard format, courtesy of Clément Chastagnol at
Text reading "$ cp monfichier dir/", coupled with arrows above and below detailing the movement shortcuts, starting at the center "c" letter. Arrows above show movement, arrows below show erasing.<br>Detailing the movement options here is probably not helpful, but ping me if you'd like them in text form.


Weil es mal echt an der Zeit ist:
Danke an Euch alle, die Ihr das Netz mit Euren Instanzen verschiedenster freier Software auch und gerade in dieser Zeit so nützlich macht.
Danke für alle Helfer und Maintainer des freien Internets. Danke #Fediverse
#floss #bleibtwachsam #decentralisation


Dinge die Programmierer meinen über die Welt zu Wissen:

"Hausnummern sind immer ganze Zahlen!"
Ein Schild mit der Hausnummer "Savoyen Straße 2 1/2".

Ist ein String: "2 1/2". Alternativ an den Straßennamen anhängen und die Nr leer lassen.
Seien wir froh, müssen wir uns nur mit den modernen Datums- & Zeit-Problemen herumschlagen. Hier hat jemand eine ähnliche Liste mit Ausnahmen in alt-römischen Kalender-Problemen zusammengetragen:

Dealing with Time in the Roman Calendar


Zwar von Google, aber enthält sehr interessante Informationen:

Zeigt eindrucksvoll was man aus den Metadaten alles rauslesen kann, wenn man Zugriff auf all das hat.


PrivateBin v1.3.4 released - Fixing HTML entities, custom expiration, pasting into password field